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Astronauts -Ashton Irwin imagine-

Title idea: bribry astronauts

"Hey guys " i greeted the boys when i entered the door. The photo shoot really got me tired and to make matters worse i ran out of my sleeping and anxiety and depression pills. Yes im a wreck sometimes i wonder why Ashton stays with me. As i looked around i noticed that Ashton wasn’t in the room with the boys.
“Where’s Ashton?” I asked
“About that he hasn’t come out of his room at all” Calum spoke up.
“Ill go check it out”
As i turned the knob of the door it wouldn’t give i knew he locked the door.
I climbed through the window to get to Ashton. I can see him slowly sob into our pillows his back shaking slowly but violently.
“Ashton babe what’s wrong?”
“Nothings wrong”
“Ash please tell me what’s wrong?”
He just avoided my gaze but looked straightly to his computer. I could see twitter was open i grabbed it before he could stop me. All these negative words went into my mind. He wasn’t this.
“Tell me how could you love me ?” Ashton asked breaking the tensed silence.
“What do you mean?”
“Look at me look at me closely they’re right i should just end it”
“No ash you’re not wanna know something?”
I drew up my sleeves to see those red dark lines running along my skin. He grabbed my hand and looked at his i knew he started. We are alike we both are too nice and caring. We can be strong in public but at home we fall apart. I cuddle him from behind.
“Ash i love you” i stated
“I-i love you too” Ashton stuttered.
“Can you sing to me?” Ash asked so quietly.

Are you sick of all this change?
In a century that keeps feet so firmly off the ground,
You can’t stand this place.

Well, I’m with you ‘till the end,
So let us both go to outer space.
With nothing but pens and one will say,
“When we come back…”

Sleepy thoughts, seeing us as astronauts,
But in your passenger seat I feel limitless.
Success in the end, it all depends,
On whether you’re still my oldest friend.

On the days you’re suffering,
Then the world is on my shoulders too.
And if you ever died,
I’d question going on without you.

Would I make it to the end?
Would I bother going to outer space,
With nothing but a broken mind to keep me straight.
And would I come back?

Sleepy thoughts seeing us as astronauts,
But in your passenger seat I feel limitless.
Happiness in the end, it all depends,
On whether you’re still my oldest friend.

Sleepy thoughts seeing us as astronauts,
But in your passenger seat I feel limitless.
Success in the end, it all depends,
On whether you’re still,

On whether you’re still,
On whether you’re still my oldest friend.

And like that we drifted asleep. And i knew i belonged with Ashton.

Mi note: so decided to write an Ashton one and im clearly still suffering with my self harm and depression and insomia and anxiety so decided to write about it and to those who have this or any similar things like me were getting trough this together and i just wanna say that i love you. And aint it sad oh and check out bribry he is irish

Ok so i dont really know whats going on but from what im hearing ashton irwin from 5 seconds of summer is getting shit for sticking up for his band like wtf people even started the trend #ashtonkeepcutting on twitter like seriously wtf is up with people these days he is the sweetest and adorable person he drew butterflies on his fans who self harm if anything he should be getting a fucking load of respect not only for doing that but he lived through his self harm and people have the fucking guts like motionless in white say think before you fucking speak and i apologize for all the cussing but seriously i just started listening to them a few months ago and it sucks to think people will do this

Ok so i have this problem where i stutter a lot , mumble, twitch, and i have a bit of anxiety also i can make any situation really awkward so my friends find it cute and funny its like why must you laugh at me and it kind of makes me feel sad but i dont tell them anything can anyone tell me what i should do or not who knows











Every single person needs to reblog this. No, it will not ruin your blog, it will make it a million times better. 

So much respect. And sadness. He’s trying so hard to stay strong.

i’m tearing :/


No, no, this is horrible. You see, the flag will go to the husband or wife of the deceased soldier as next of kin. This flag is going to the son.

Both of his parents are gone.

I had to reread that last comment on this a few times and when I realized what that meant and my heart just fell through the fucking floor

Little hero


isteeeeeneeem :(


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joshua balz imagine

Authors note: im just doing this because
im a bit bored and i have a lot of creativness going on so yeah not sure if ill write anymore you guys tell me oh and f/h/c+ favorite hair color

I was at the airport waiting for my friends that were currently coming home from tour. Who might be my friends well its those crazy chicken wing loving band called motionless in white. As i scanned the whole airport for them i got weird looks but im used to it . I was always that one girl with the (f/h/c) and the pierced septum with the darkest makeup bit i didnt mind my family listen to rock we were like the adam family of our home town which was ok with us. As i heard my name being called i saw ricky he dropped his bags and came running towards me. My parents took in Ricky once he lost his family.
“Y/n i missed you sis “
“I missed you too brother”
I hugged everyone except chris who was sucking the face off his current slut ass girlfriend.

yeah me and her really hated each other one time they left us alone and lets say she ended up with a few bruises.

" hey guys where’s josh?"

" oh he’s carrying sluts face bags since he’s a nice ass motherfucker" ricky said.

"heard that you short ass fucker"

" why are you carrying her shit josh i mean she treats you like shit and you still do this why?"

"You see y/n if i’m nice then i can use it against her and chris so in reality i can tell them shit for it" josh replied with a beautiful grin. yes i had a crush on josh but there was also something about chris.  as we got in my car slut face complained about how i only play sad emo songs its like wtf bitch you’re going out with a singer of a metal band. 

"omg y/n how the fuck can you dress in all black and with all that dark makeup and pale skin and omg those piercings and your ears wow no wonder anyone will go out with you" sandra said

she was right no one ever liked me and if they did it was just a bet. as i was trying to not think about it i could feel josh place a hand on my knee.

" dont listen to her ok your perfect she’s just upset cuz you capture everyones attention in a room and besides i would soooo go out with you” josh said looking at me.

"thanks josh it means a lot" i placed a kiss on his cheek.i felt like someone was staring at me. 

-at the house-

"you guys hungry?"

"yes we hungry" they all said in unison.

"fine how bout this you guys all sleep while i go to the store to buy food to make ok" 

"fine but you’re going alone" ricky asked 

" nah im gonna go with kuza we actually had a plan but since you guys came we decided that we would take you guys out on friday so yeah"

" y/n im here ready to go" kuza yelled

" coming bye guys don’t burn the house go to sleep"

"bye y/n" 

- after shopping-

"bye kuza see you on friday" i waved.

i got the whole kitchen set up for me to cook i was going to cook them some italian food since all they eat on tour is random food. as i was cooking the meatballs i felt someone put their hands on my waist. when i turn i saw chris.

" what do you want chris?!"

" wtf first you flirt with josh now you talk to me like that "

" first of all who the fuck are you to think you have control over me second of all you have a girlfriend and lastly i can talk to you how ever i want ok so get the fuck out" i told chris. i had to get over him he was sweet but then he would turn into a dick unlike josh. josh was funny, random, sexy as fuck, sweet , and in all an amazing person.

as i finished cooking everyone came down stairs.  OMFG Y/N I FUCKING LOVE YOU” ricky said

" oh well thanks i guess" 

" OH MY FJDJKSSHDKFH Y/N THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING UGH DOES THIS COUNT AS FOOD PORN" josh said as he stuffed his face. gosh he was still cute. when they all finished with their food and went into the living room josh stayed behind.

" what up balz" 

" you not gonna eat" 

"nah i ate a big ass lunch with kuza while planning your guys surprise for friday"

" oh so … um i kinda wanna tell you something"

" shot but can you help me with the dishes?"

" yeah" and like that we got started.

" so what do you wanna tell me josh"

"so um… i don’t really know how to say this i .. um kinda … find you …"

" yeah" 

"superfuckingcuteandsexyitslikeomgwtfyournotevenahumanbeinglikeomgijustughitslikeidontknowhowtotalkwhenimaroundyou" josh said

" can you say it slower"





"YOU GETS YOU SOME JOSH"ghost yelled

"HEY THATS MY SISTER" ricky yelled at ghost


josh and me laughed 

"wow cant believe they’re our friends" 

"no josh their our family and thats all i can ask for" i said.


See what your followers thinks of you.


BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
NONE: nobody likes you

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